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Causes of surface defect of aluminum profile and its elimination method

Posted time:2021-05-26 Page View:1901

Reasons for the appearance of concave-convex corrugation defects of aluminum:


(a) : aluminum profile kneading mold operation with length ratio or cavity size planning error flow rate ratio severe imbalance.

(two) : aluminum profile kneading mold operation with a stop Angle and flow Angle.

(three) : aluminum profile kneading mold up and down mold operation belt drop ratio out of tolerance.

(four) : the aluminum profile kneading mold up and down die operation belt is not parallel, there are some cough snap.

(five) : the aluminum profile kneading mold cavity on the mold resistance (points) flow table is high to block the operation with the discharge or drainage groove (size, depth, orientation) is wrong.

(six) : aluminum profile kneading mold work with the outside of the empty knife is too little or even no (electric spark did not play well) or too big (work with no support and cracking deformation).

(seven) : the new mold or the revised aluminum profile kneading mold due to the coarse sand polishing operation belt of the mold factory uneven aluminum profile mold operation belt smooth degree is different.

(eight) : part of the aluminum profile kneading operation with oil stains.

(nine) : support pad is too small to prevent.

(10) : aluminum profile tail 1m or so waves (V3 volume aluminum pressure)

Elimination method:

(a) : planning, the production of qualified aluminum profile kneading mold is the key, the mold factory should put an end to artificial mold processing defects.

(two) : the waves are severe, after repair, mold change, back to deal with.

(three) : the new mold or revised mold at the beginning of kneading waves, the top of the aluminum bar can be low temperature and slow kneading, the center can be suspended several times again kneading, the purpose is to make the operation with glued metal filling, sometimes the waves disappear naturally.

(four) : fine waves after increasing the traction force, increase the amount of tension to deal with.

(5) : subtle waves, adjust the center of the cylinder and die surface, so that the amount of aluminum in the cylinder into the mold cavity changes to affect the flow rate. This production is feasible when needed. (Not recommended)

(6) : reasonable support pad, discharge smoothly.

(seven) : about 1m waves at the end of the thickness of the pressure, down the kneading speed of the aluminum profile. Or as a stretching chuck to deal with.

(8) : in the process of aluminum production, it is found that the scratch is caused by the small mold empty knife or the flow rate of aluminum profile, it can be oiled, quenched, smooth and adjusted in the small side mold operation belt and the side mold pad of the rubbing pad. Pay attention to the appearance of the conflict surface.