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Optimal design of extrusion dies for several aluminum profiles

Posted time:2021-05-26 Page View:1130

1, part of the large section hollow profile mold optimization



The hollow section is relatively large in the case of conventional planning, often present a large surface wave, plane gap out of tolerance, significant weld and other shortcomings, present these problems, generally due to the unreasonable structure of mold planning. For this reason, the author in the mold planning: the upper mold selection of the bridge, the lower mold in the silo with convex rib planning scheme.

Because in the process of producing, profile bedding face up super poor shortcomings - wave, plane gap because bedding face tap hole close to the center, like metal, which is caused by the fast speed of so bedding face in the weld chamber die lead a proper length of a convex rib, so that when the metal flow to the die hole, convex rib like a low wall to prevent the flow of the metal, if stop too, can repair the mould.

Together, the quality of some welds is also optimized accordingly.

For some rectangular cavity, the ratio of length to width is relatively large square pipe profiles, welding line is often significantly presented on the large surface decoration. The aluminum profile can now be symmetric bridge to partial bridge, the weld is because the metal flow through the split hole in the split under the bridge into the hole before the formation of adequate welding. Obtaining high strength and quality weld is of course our ambition. But if in the process of production, the weld is inevitably presented in the profile or decoration surface, it might as well make it as far away from the surface or decoration surface. In the case of mode split hole (Fig. 1-2), make the midline of the mold bridge offset outward (A: B = 2:1, A1 = A2). In general, because the metal flow speed in the large shunt hole is fast, when the way of the shunt bridge is planned as the partial bridge, so as to increase the space for the material in the large shunt hole to be filled on both sides, and offset outward with the center line of the shunt bridge, the direction of the material flow welding platform also moves outward. Thus, the flow rate of the large surface metal is adjusted, and the weld is kept away from the central surface.

2. Optimization of hollow profile die with easy partial wall of double die hole

Under normal circumstances, whether the two die holes are up and down, or about the emission, because the metal flow rate close to the center of the side is fast, enough material to make the upper die core outward elastic deformation caused by the profile far away from the center of a thin wall partial wall defect. Therefore, in the process of die planning, when the section size of profile is enlarged, the section size that usually produces partial wall is set aside offset margin in advance. If the two die holes share the central diverging hole, in order to ensure the feeding of the two die holes is relatively stable, a divider type diverging bar can be added to the center of the two holes in the silo, which is also conducive to mold repair.

3. Optimization of plane profile mold with small opening and large cantilever area

This kind of profile in general comprehensive direct feeding plane die planning, very simple cantilever elastic deformation is large, so that cracking, block fall and so on. In this case, it can be programmed into a hanging core die, only the repair of the die is not very simple. Some profile openings are very small, almost closed, this can be selected combination mode, but the opening needs to match closely.

General of small opening, large area flat profile can be entreated arm straight to feed board planning for bridge type feed board or cantilever bridge feeding plate, puts the cambered surface of the bearing under the bridge, so that we can to protect section cantilever when metal material flow filling die, aluminum metal flows from the feed plate of cantilever bridge type feeding plate bridge block directly act on it, In other words, the positive pressure borne by the cantilever of the die is reduced, so as to improve the stress state of the cantilever. Prolong the service life of the mold.

4. Optimized the planning of the long section plane profile mold with large ratio of length to thickness

Because the profile length thickness ratio is relatively large, the wall thickness is sometimes relatively thin, close to the center of the metal flow velocity is relatively fast, only with the length of the work belt to adjust the flow velocity of the die hole everywhere is limited, so easy to produce deformation shortcomings. The bridge type feeding rice as shown in Fig. 4-2 is now selected, so that the metal flow velocity in the center can be usely adjusted, so that the feed flow velocity in all parts of the die hole can be balanced, and a good effect can be received.

5, conclusion

Practice has proved that the optimization of the planning of the above several aluminum kneading dies is useful in the actual production. Compared with the past, the extruded aluminum alloy profile has a good shape, precision of scale, easy to ensure, and the surface quality has also been improved. Thus, greatly improve the profile kneading production power and reduce the production cost of products.

Kneading mould on aluminum products planning, with the rapid development of social industries, section shape with the complicated and diversified, traditionally common way planning, there are many deficiencies. Therefore, in order to get high quality profiles, we must constantly learn, stack, constantly transform and innovate in the production, the day.